About IRC Southern Youth Zone Programme ll

Part 1: Answer


IRC International Water and Sanitation Center. www.irc.nl

And IRC also our partner

Resource Centre Networks (RCN).

Environment and Public Health
Organization (ENPHO)

PSO means an association that consists of sixty Dutch development
organisations, which focuses on capacity development at civil society
organisations in developing countries.


2.  The IRC international exchange programme, name is ‘IRC Southern Youth Zone Programme 2010-2012’.


  • The main goal of the programme is to enable the
    strengthening of skills and knowledge of Young Professionals involved in Water,
    Sanitation and Hygiene Resource Centre Networks (RCN) and to gain work
    experience in knowledge generation and transfer in the water and sanitation

objective are;

  • Basic introduction to the
    concept of learning in the water and sanitation sector.
  • Give an introduction how to
    operationlise these concept into products and services enhancing learning in
    the WASH sector, including communication strategy development, web management,
    newsletter development and process documentation.
  • Basic skills training for
    improved facilitation, presentation


2: Recommended for blogging

PSO funded second round youth zone program begins at IRC

28 September,

Southern Youth Zone Programme has been started on September 2010 to 2012. The programme
aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of eight young professionals
involved in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Resource Centre Networks. After the
training at IRC the young professionals go for nine months to a local RCN in
another country. The four professionals have successfully completed of first
round on July 2011 and the Southern
partner was Ghana, Honduras, Nepal and Uganda. The second round four young
professionals starting their training at IRC on 26th September and
it will continue on 21st October 2011.

The second
round professionals are;

  • Md. Mahidul Islam from
    BRAC Bangladesh, going to RCN Nepal/ENPHO and SNV Nepal
  • Peter Simon Sekuma
    from NETWAS Uganda, going to CONIWAS in Ghana,
  • Basilia Nanbigne from
    CONIWAS in Ghana, going to NETWAS Uganda and
  • Andrés Gil from
    Fundacion Solar/RASGUA going to FHIS in Honduras.

The training
has been given by IRC instructor as well as external specialists. The extensive
programme will focus on strengthening the young professionals’ capacity
building in context of water, sanitation and hygiene sector. It also aims to
help inter-regional sharing, learning, professional with organizational
capacity building.




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