Aligning for Action to reduce diarrheal epidemic in mid western region in Nepal

Nepal has committed minimum 53% of the population will access to sanitation by 2015 and will achieve 100% sanitation coverage by 2017; the national average sanitation coverage is 43% in 2010. The sanitation coverage in mid region is 30.7% respectively in 2010. Only in June-Oct 2009, the diarrheal epidemic killed more than 360 populations in mid and far western regions.

The key factors for low coverage are fragmented and project based sanitation and hygiene promotion activities, waiting for subsidy (negative impact of top down approach), lack of knowledge to hygiene practice, inadequate sanitation facilities in schools, communities, and also insufficient institutional support. In addition to that, different organizations implementing such type of programme their own style and ultimately WASH sector not sustain as much as we expected however they are working same activities. Realizing the fact of the situation, government organisation and the development partners working in WASH sector in the regions have decided to develop skilled human resources with same align at district level that is very positive initiatives in this sector.


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